In partnership with 20-21 Visual Arts Centre I produced and co-directed a first-of-its-kind exhibition and documentary looking at the art of miniature model making and painting with a focus on the stories behind the art and the artist.

Working with international artists and collaborators including Rogue Hobbies Bad Squido Games, GriffCon and HeroForge to produce a feature length documentary that is currently touring the festival and convention circuit.


Salute 2024
SuperNoval 2024
GriffCon 2024
Tabletop Scotland 2024

Is this art? The enduring question that sits in the minds of model makers and painters across the world. Art in Miniature attempts to explore this question with the help of professional models maker and painter Louise Sugden. Delving in to the history, pop culture and lore that made these small plastic figures the cultural phenomenon they are today. How has community flourished in such an isolating activity as painting and where do these artist think the future will take them with the advent of new production methods.