“Award-winning troublemaker. Unapologetic Pop culture enthusiast. Subtly charming problem solver. #Digitalnerd.”

With 10 years experience in Content and Digital Production, I specialise in creating and delivering content strategies to showcase brand values and core beliefs alongside marketing and delivery teams. Working with clients from a variety of sectors means I can bring best practices from other digital ecosystems and cultures into non traditional spaces.

Some of my most recent projects and clients include:

I have a Masters degree in Video, Audio and Social Technologies from Salford University and two undergraduate degrees in Media, Film and Digital Media from Essex and Bradford.

In my spare time, I direct theatre shows often with the fantastic NorthSouthCreative and write LARP games under the guise Its A Bit Strange. I also appear on panels and podcasts talking about everything from Feminism to Superheroes and pop-culture.

Get in touch to find out more about me, what I do and how I can help you.